Many people cried after watching this clip. Very touching!!


Khun Kanokporn sent me the link to this clip on youtube. In my opinion, it’s very touching. Just want to share. Thanks a lot Khun Kanokporn.


Happy Thai New Year!!!

Happy Boys

Wishing all of you a very happy Thai New Year!!

Vipasana Meditation

What is this cat thinking about?? Or what are you thinking about? My friend asked me about how to meditate. I’m just a beginner. Then I think I should give her a good paper of meditation. I found a concise one from the internet. It’s “Practical Vipassana Meditational Exercises” By Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw. He said:

“practice of Vipassana or Insight Meditation is the effort made by the meditation to understand correctly the nature of the psycho-physical phenomena taking place in his own body. Physical phenomena are the things or objects which one clearly perceives around one. The whole of one’s body that one clearly perceives constitutes a group of material qualities [rupa]. Psychical or mental phenomena are acts of consciousness or awareness [nama]. These [nama-rupas] are clearly perceived to be happening whenever they are seen, heard smelt, tasted, touched, or thought of. We must make ourselves aware of them by observing, hearing, hearing, “smelling, smelling, tasting, tasting” touching, touching, ‘or thinking, thinking’.

Every time one sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches, or thinks, one should make a note of the fact. But in the beginning of one’s practice one cannot make a note of every one of these happenings. One should, therefore, begin with noting those happening which are conspicuous and easily perceivable. …”

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Dharma at Dawn

 Dharma at Dawn

One of the books I bought recently is Dharma at Dawn by W.Vajiramedhi.

From the Forward “…Before setting down to work, if you can begin the day with a good book, so you may adapt its beautifully written sayings for your daily tasks; your day is bound to begin in good stead.”

“Dharma at Dawn” is such good book.

One of the thought pieces in this book I like is :

Good times or bad times may depend on

Our attitude in facing situation.

If we keep our cool and remain perceptive

Woe may become joy,

Problems may turn into wisdom,

And a crisis may become an opportunity.

I agree with the message from the back cover of this book…

“Begin every new day with Dharma at Dawn and you will experience a whole day of joy.”

Source of the photo: http://www.amarinpocketbook.com/writer_detail.asp?writer_id=624

Assistant Secretary-General of the Bureau of the Royal household Sanchai Tiemtaveesin (สรรชัย เทียมทวีสิน) along with other related officials traveled to the Kuiburi (กุยบุรี) National Park to perform a ceremony to extract wood for the creation of the Royal Urn that will house the ashes of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana.

The ceremony preceded the felling of three Sandal Wood trees and involved the lighting of incense and candles and the chanting of prayers.  Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Chief Chatchai Pinnguen (ฉัตรชัย ปิ่นเงิน) assumed the role of royal household Brahman and conducted prayers to appease the tree spirits.

The trees though will be taken from the park at a later date by the department of national parks and wildlife.  Prachuap Khiri Khan officials will plant three sandal wood trees in their places.

Source: The Public Relations Department

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Spokesman Tanom Onkatepol (ถนอม อ่อนเกตุพล) revealed that the BMA has received a letter from the Ministry of Culture’s Department of Fine Arts concerning the use of Sanam Luang to transport and assemble the Royal Chariots and Funeral Pyre to be used in the Royal Funeral Procession of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana.

Director of the Department of Fine Arts Kriangkrai Sampachalit (เกรียงไกร สัมปัชชลิต) submitted the letter to the BMA requesting the use of Sanam Luang on February 1st onward until the completion of the tasks.  The main ceremonial section of the park will be closed off from the public but surrounding areas normally used for food vendors and parking will still be open.

Events and festivals will be deterred from taking place at Sanam Luang during the project.  The department stated that it would allow the BMA to rule whether certain events could achieve special permission to take place.

Source: The Public Relations Department