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The #2 auspicious sign


“A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.” — Buddha


The #2 aupicious sign is to associate with the wise.

The wise in this context means

  • the ones who knows what the right things are
  • the ones who always think in good ways such as never want other’s asset, want to help other people blah blah
  • the ones who always say good words such as to tell only the truth, to say polite words or words that support others , blah blah.
  • the ones who always do good things such as to help others, to give thing for the poors, blah blah.

Why should we associtate with the wise???

There are many reasons such as

  • we can learn many good things from what the wise do
  • the wise will give good advice to us
  • we will have peaceful lives
  • blah blah.


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The #1 auspicious sign

Samutsongkram, ThailandLast week, a friend of my who lived in US asked me whether I remember the Buddha teaching on

38 auspicious signs” ?

 (Mangala or Mongkol 38 from Maha Mangala Sutta).

Well, sincerely I remembered only some of them. I was disappointed in myself since these auspicious signs teaching is very useful for our lives. So, I decided to reread a book about the 38 auspicious signs and promised my friend to post the stories of such signs on my blog to share it with her and YOU.

In the Buddha era, many people were debating about what the auspicious signs (the cause of prosperity and welfare) were. Then the Buddha gave his teaching about 38 blessings that are the real auspicious signs. They are not about the special things we see, the special people we meet, the nice sound we hear, or any other miracle things. They are 100% about the right things we do.

Let’s start from the first auspicious sign: Not associate with fools

Fools in this context means

  • the ones who have no idea what the right things are
  • the ones who always think in bad ways such as to think of revenge, to think a plan for fraud, blah blah
  • the ones who always say bad words such as to tell a lie to others, to say rude words or words that make others feel bad, blah blah.
  • the ones who always do bad things such as to kill others, to steal others’ stuff, blah blah.

Why we should stay away from those kinds of people???

There are many reasons to stay away from the fools  such as

  • to protect ourselves from the bad things which the fools may suggest us, tell us, or give us
  • to keep ourselves focus on good conduct / to maintain our goodness
  • to protect ourselves from being viewed as the fools 
  • to have peaceful lives
  • blah blah.

“A fool thinks it like honey so long as the bad deed does not bear fruit, but when it does bear fruit he experiences suffering.” — Buddha


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A Thai Girl When I was 7, someone gave me a book of general information about Thailand. One of the stories that made me super interested was “The full name of Bangkok”. It’s very long name – 65 syllables.  Here it is :

Krungthep mahanakorn amornratanakosin mahintara yutthayamahadilok phop nopparatrajathani burirom udomrajaniwes mahasatharn amornphimarn avatarnsathit sakkattiya visanukam prasit.

Well, now you may have 2 questions? Where is “Bangkok” in this full name? and another question may be – what is the meaning of it?

Yes, there is no word “Bangkok” in the full name. And these days, Thai people call their capital “Krungthep”. Yes, Krungthep is the short name of that very long name. For the formal name, it is Krungthep mahanakhon.

Bangkok is the old name of Krungthep, but most foreigners know this name more than the current one. From many sources, Bangkok might come from Bang + Koh: Bang = a riverside district or village, Koh = a peace of land surrounded by water. 

There was evidence showed that foreigners knew Bangkoh since Ayutthaya era.

Bangkok was established  as the capital city of Thailand in 1782. King Rama I  estabished this city and named it. Later, King Rama IV changed the name a bit.

For the meaning of Krungthep, I search Internet and found this

krungthep mahanakorn
The great city of angels,

amorn rattanakosin mahintara yutthaya mahadilok phop
the supreme unconqueralble land of the great immortal divinity (Indra),

noparat rajathani burirom
the royal capital of nine noble gems, the pleasant city,

udomrajaniwes mahasatharn
with plenty of grand royal palaces,

amorn phimarn avatarnsathit
and divine paradises for the reincarnated deity (Vishnu),

sakkatattiya visanukam prasit
given by Indra and created by the god of crafting (Visnukarma).

I remember the day I could remember the full name of Bangkok. I was super happy. It took many days for a 7 years old girl to memorize this long name. 

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