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Wat Pra That Jedi Laung, Chiang Rai, ThailandWat Pra That Jedi Laung, Chiang Rai, Tailand 

Have a party with your friends? Travel? Go shopping? Buy a gift for yourself? They are all good ideas. You pick one (or some, or all) to celebrate your birthday and please add ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF.

Here in Thailand, we consider our birthday as a good opportunity to make merit. For example:

# donate money to an orphanage
# donate blood
# give food to the elderly at an old people’s home
# give accessories to the monks

These are not difficult things to do.

Birthdays remind us that we have existed for another year. If you have better opportunities than others do, you can help them. There is really no excuse for saying “no, I can’t help”.

It’s also a good chance to think about two wonderful people in this world. They are your father and mother.

When you were born, who went through the pain of your delivery?  Umm, maybe we should think back to the day before you were born. When you were in your mother’s uterus, who took care of you? Mother and father, right? And the day you were born, your mother got the most pain.

Our lives depend on other people. Because this thing exists, then that thing exists. It’s the law of nature. Since we have our parents, then we are what we are today.

Our parents take care of us for many,many years. When we were babies or children, who fed us? who clothed us and sent us to school? who takes us to the hospital when we are sick? who cleaned our bedrooms? Blah blah. How many things did our parents do for us? Can’t count it!!

Well, why don’t you use your birthday as a chance to think of your parents? If they are still alive, you may visit them and spend time with them. If they have passed away, you may do good things for this world which make them proud of you.


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